SRRA High Point Non-Pro Saddle Rules 2019

All riders must be members of the SRRA to qualify for the saddle.

During the 2019 show year Non Pro riders can compete and earn points towards a saddle to be awarded to the High Point Non Pro of the Year. The SRRA will provide $2500 towards the cost of the saddle. The saddle will be provided by Equine Oasis. The winner of the saddle may order the saddle as they choose, within the defined specs provided by Equine Oasis. The winner may also add their own money to get exactly the saddle they desire, with custom tooling, silver, etc. The saddle fenders will be tooled to say “SRRA 2019 High Point Non Pro”.

Rules – Points to be awarded in the following classes: All NRHA Ancillary & SRRA Club Non Pro classes, including Nov Horse NP, & both Rookies. It does not include Green rider/horse, Youth, SRRA 4 yr old or any Derby classes. Points will be based on a single horse /rider combo.

Points – Points will be awarded on a sliding scale based on the number of entries in each class. A rider must get a score to receive points. Example: If 10 riders (with scores) are in a class, with scores, then 1st gets 10 pts, 2nd get 9 points, etc. 

Board Members & Officers

Diane Stuart

(408) 219-8410

Bre Kelley

Vice President
(951) 970-8209

Beth Barr

Recording Secretary
(330) 671-8951

Carol Crist

Corresponding Secretary
(208) 863-7576

Shelly Moore-Tyler

(208) 440-2493

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