NRHA’s Newest Class: Masters Non Pro

You’re never too old or too young to enjoy an NRHA class directly aimed for your level or expertise or your age. One of the newer NRHA classes that the SRRA offers at all three of their NRHA shows is the Masters Non-Pro. This class is designed for “any rider holding a valid Non-Pro NRHA non-pro card who is 60 years or older as of January 1.” It may be offered at any NRHA approved class, qualifies as an ancillary class and is generally held in conjunction/concurrent with the Non-Pro classes. It is listed in the NRHA rule book under category 5. It is not an affiliate-qualifying nor NRHA World Title class yet, but many in reiners hope that is coming soon. So if you are in that age group of 60 or older come have some fun with many other SRRA members in a class designed especially for you. If you are not in that age group, then cheer on those that are. This class will be held at the May 17th show, and twice at the Luc McGregor Memorial Classic in July.

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