2018 Year End Point Standings

2018 Green Reiner Point Standings

2018 Green Ranch Riding Point Standings

It is the responsibility of SRRA members to monitor their point standings. If you have any questions about your points, please feel free to fill out the inquiry form and we will get you a detailed report of your show history.  We will be happy to adjust any errors in our data.  Thank you for helping us keep our records accurate!   
Deadline for all inquiries is October 15th. After that date the Year End Points will be locked and awards will be ordered! 

For any questions on point standings please use this link.

*In order to qualify for a year-end award you must ride the same horse in the same class at 3 shows.
**Two horse/rider teams must qualify for a year-end award in order for a championship buckle to be awarded.

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